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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Day Out With Thomas


This year, we are excited to get to go again to "A Day Out With Thomas."

My son, Z, has a very special little friend. I will call him "K"... K is one of the sweetest little boys on the planet, and he is a Thomas the Train FANATIC. K loves EVERYTHING Thomas and Friends. He is Z's best friend. K's family also doesn't have a lot of extra spending money, and they are going through a difficult transition right now.

Our family loves this family so much. We feel blessed to have them in our lives. We love seeing Z and K play together. We love seeing them happy.

Our family has decided to take K and his family with us to go see Thomas, and ride on the train with him. But, we would like to be able to buy some souvenirs for K to remember his day better. Nothing big, but we want to be able to make his day EXTRA special. We want to show K the love that we feel for him.

We are asking for help to do this. Not much, and there could be something for you in return.

For a small, tiny donation of $2.00, you will be entered in to a raffle to win a photo shoot with me. It is a value of $75.00, that you COULD get for only $2.00.

(Utah Residents only can win the photo shoot, but anyone can donate!)

Not only will you be entered to win, but you will be helping me and my family to really help a child feel special. A child, who for some reason, doesn't feel very special right now. It makes me cry to think that he thinks of himself as anything less than the truly amazing child he is.

You can also donate as many times as you want, whether you enter the raffle or not. 

So, the rules of the raffle are:

1. Donate $2.00 (as many times as you want) by clicking on the "donate" button in this post or in the side bar.
2. For every donation you make, you will be entered in the raffle. (The more you donate, the better chance you have to win)!
3. In the "comments to seller" box in the invoice, write your name and the word "raffle".
4. You can donate even if you don't want to be entered to win.
5. Do it BEFORE May 24, 2011.

The winner will be announced on this blog and on my facebook page on May 25th, 2011.

Thank you so much for helping our family help a very special little boy.


Kaly's Baptism

This lovely lady is so beautiful. She decided to be baptized for her church, and isn't she just the most gorgeous little 8 year old you've ever seen?

If you are interested, I made her headband. :)

Did someone say Cupcakes?

My sister in law, Elise has started a cupcake business called, Elise's Cupcake Creations. Her cupcakes are gorgeous, and from what I hear, (I can't eat gluten or dairy) DELICIOUS TOO! Here is proof of the gorgeous part... If you want proof of the delicious part, you'll have to give her a call. :)


LHS Prom 2011

Yay! More prom! ha ha. I had a lot of fun taking pictures of my gorgeous niece Stephanie and her friends for their prom. I am loving being around all these dressy people! My son, who is 3 1/2 was telling everyone last night that his cousin Stephanie is a princess with a "beautiful pink princess dress." It was adorable. Speaking of adorable, check out these adorable people!