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Monday, April 26, 2010

What Dale and Gayle had to say...

I just got a sweet email from Dale and Gayle about what they thought of the photo shoot with Hudson.

Dale and I both think she did a splendid job. She was gracious (and cute!) and knew exactly what she wanted to do WHILE she was letting us be flexible and go with the flow. She had a well thought-out plan, yet let us request anything else we wanted to do. We love the poses she had us in, and she seemed absolutely to catch the important candid moments as well as intended moments. The quality of the pictures was first-rate and I still can't believe we have all these from which to remember our fabulous trip!

Susan made us feel that she had all the time in the world, yet had the ability to keep us going from shot to shot. And....could a grandmother be ANY more pleased when the photographer is able to catch the essence of your adorable grandson! My screen saver at home and at work are filled with Susan's shots. We just loved the whole experience and can't look often enough at all the precious pictures!


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