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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Alainna and Stephen had to say...

Here were some messages I got from Alainna and Stephen on Facebook after they saw the finished pictures.

Wow - you're fast - and really good - I'm surprised at how many turned out so well! Nice job! We're excited to put some in frames. Thanks so much!... Thanks again - great job!

YOU'RE SO AMAZING!!! I cannot thank you enough for taking these shots for us! What a wonderful keepsake that we will always cherish. I really just don't have the words to compliment them enough - you did such a fabulous job. I started commenting on my favorite pics and then realized I was commenting on everything so I FORCED myself to stop - thought it might look weird to be commenting so much about my own shots...! Haha. But really I loved them all. Can't wait to frame some and refer everyone that asks about them to you!

THANK YOU a million times over!


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