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Thursday, May 13, 2010

What a difference a LIGHT SCOOP makes!

I recently, (by recently, I mean a month or so ago) purchased a LIGHT SCOOP from Dr. Kobre's Light Scoop. I mentioned it on my personal blog here. But, I wanted to show some comparisons on this blog. I HIGHLY recommend this product... especially if you live in a 1300 sq ft basement apartment with only two main windows... But, even if you don't, and just need something to get rid of HORRID in-camera flash lighting, then this product is a wonderful alternative to the $200+ you can spend on an external flash, or SPEEDLITE, SPEEDLIGHT... whatever brand your company makes...

My LIGHT SCOOP was $35, and very much worth every penny. I used it during my shoot with Baby Jonathan, though at times I didn't need it. But, for those times that I DID need it, I was SO glad to have it!

Now, here are the pictures... The first, is a picture WITHOUT any flash.

See how dark and yellow it is? This would have been a cute picture if it weren't for our terrible lighting. This was shot at 800 ISO and with the aperture at it's largest f stop (f1.8) and at 200 shutter speed. (All of these pictures are taken with the same settings).

The next picture was taken with the in-camera pop up flash.

Do you see how washed out it is? A lot of people are used to the way this looks, because if you are inside, and your camera has a built in flash, this is what you get. Washed out, over exposed subjects.

This next picture was taken with the LIGHT SCOOP. It is completely unedited, as are the other two pictures.

Do you see how much clearer everything is? All that is different, is I added the LIGHT SCOOP to my hot shoe, and it reflects the pop up flash on to the ceiling and bounces the light on to the subject. It is simple, and brilliant.

Keep in mind that the above pictures are all completely unedited. What you see is what I shot. There is a HUGE difference from one to the next.

Even if you are a parent who just wants to take better pictures of your child, and you happen to have a DSLR, this product is phenomenal. I highly recommend it.

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