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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Taylor Kids Proofs 1

Terilyn, please don't worry about the background being washed out. I have fixed it in some of the pictures. So, if you like a certain photo and you are afraid the background is too washed out, don't let that affect your decision. I will point out to you some of the photos that I have altered so as to show you what can be done.

If you click on the photo it will pull up a larger version so that you can better see it. 

Keep in mind that you get 45 photos with your sessions. If you wish to have more than that, it will be $1 per photo extra.

 The following photo is altered so that you can see what the background can look like when the editing is finished.

 The following 7 photos have had the background altered.

 The following photo has been altered.

I will continue in another post...

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