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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Blair Family

I have had the privilege to know April for a long time. We grew up in the same town in California, and attended the same church. She is a kind, and wonderful person, and she has married a truly generous and caring man. The two of them adopted these two children from Ethiopia just a few short months ago, and I was able to photograph them together (at last!) as a family. April and Nate volunteered their time to help my family with our Bake Sale fundraiser, and I couldn't be more grateful to them.

In fact, April and I had many conversations through email (I cherish those letters of encouragement) when I was struggling with my own decision to adopt, and if it was right for our family. She helped me to see the need in Ethiopia, and my heart was turned forever. I am eternally grateful to her for that.

So, without further ado, I present the Blair family...

They have been waiting a long time to be a forever family. CONGRATULATIONS, you guys!

With Love,


Kristal said...

Susan these pictures are gorgeous! good job and what a beautiful family. I'm glad you blogged again!

April and Nate said...

Oh Susan, we just LOVE these photos! You are truly an am amazing photographer and we had such a great time with you.

You support and enthusiasm during the adoption process has meant so much. You have such a heart for orphans and we look forward to celebrating with you as you bring home your future kiddo. XOXO

Shari said...

Susan, Great job with the pictures!

Susan said...

Kristal, Thanks for stopping by! Thank you for your sweet comments!

April, I am SO glad you guys love the photos! Your family is so amazing, and I am so glad we're friends!

Shari, Thank you so much!