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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The R Family

This beautiful family was such a joy to photograph! Their little girls are gorgeous, and they all were such good sports, and so kind and gracious throughout the entire shoot. Thank you R Family, for being a bright spot in my day!

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Damaris said...

found you via Natalie's blog. I love the pic of the little girl kissing the baby. very cute. good job on your style.

The Romney Family said...

Susan--Just wanted to say THANKS AGAIN! We had so much fun yesterday and really enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you as we chatted through the shoot. We are loving the pics we've seen so far and absolutely can't wait to get the rest!!! (Still can't believe how quickly you got them posted!) Thanks so much for everything. Hope to be able to do another shoot with you sometime in the relatively near future!

Susan said...

Damaris, Thank you! I'm glad that you found me through Natalie's blog. I love how the internet connects people!

Amy, it was my pleasure, sincerely! Thank you guys so much for entrusting me with taking pictures of your family!

Esther Noelle said...

Was this at Nielsen's park near Wal-Mart where you did Syd's? Great pictures! Fun to see my family on someone elses' blog! :) Excited for our shoot this Saturday!

Susan said...

Esther, Yes. It was at Nielsen's Grove. I'm excited to do your shoot on Saturday!

Olivia Carter said...

So fun lady! I'm glad you got to meet them, they are seriously SO GREAT! And these pics capture them perfectly!