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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Jonathan

I had the honor of photographing another miracle! This little one is so precious. And it is so beautiful to behold first-time parents with their new baby. There were a few times when Jonathan got a little upset, and his daddy would start to play the piano, and he would calm right down. It was amazing.

If you don't remember, I photographed his parents last month. Thank you Alainna and Stephen for welcoming me in to your home to photograph such a special moment. I loved every moment!

Please enjoy one of Earth's newest people...

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Olivia Carter said...

Such great pics lady! LOVE THEM! You've got a talent for shooting babies for sure!

Susan said...

Thank you Olivia! :) What can I say? I love babies! :) They make me so happy!

The Mama said...

You amaze me suzie!! Holy crapola :)

Susan said...

Thanks Jo! :)