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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Downtown Provo

Some days I like to go out and about and just take pictures of things that I find beautiful, or quirky or artsy. I like to find beauty in ordinary things. Last weekend, I was able to go out shooting with my good friend Coleen Hauth without the brood this time, to our town's DOWNTOWN.

Downtown Provo is beautiful. There is old architecture that I love, mixed with new chains and mom and pop shops. I love the downtown feeling. I actually kind of miss living downtown, but I don't miss my old house... Anyway, I hope you enjoy some pictures of downtown Provo through my eyes, that I'm truly attached to in a weird way.

1 comment:

Coleen said...

I like the lanterns. Mine did not come out so great. I think I am too short to get that shot. hahaha.